Conference Call Services

Avoid traveling around the country or across town with free conference call services and save valuable time and resources. Be more effective with what you have by organizing a conference call instead of in person meetings. Now is an important time to tighten the belt and using a free conference calling service is a great way to lower your costs.

The easy, cost-effective way to host conference calls.

Our on-demand conference call service is available to use anytime. Yes, every conference call is actually free and accessible from any type of phone, from anywhere - repeatedly. There are no fees or gimmicks whatsoever. Only domestic long-distance rates may apply as determined by each caller's long-distance carrier. If the caller has nationwide long-distance plan, is using a cell phone or most popular VOIP services, the conference call will likely cost them nothing to call.

1,000 Callers Anytime
6 Hour Maximum Length
Services Available 24/7
Free Call Recording
Web-Based Management

From beginner to professional in 3 easy steps...

Know the time
of the call

For your convenience, calls occur whenever you organize them but be sure to join in at your call time.

Call your conference dial-in

You will receive a dedicated dial-in number with your account to be used for all your conference calls.

Enter your conferences codes

Your account is assigned a six digit conference code and four digit host code for access anytime.

...Congratulations - you're a Free Conference Calling pro!

Easy conference calls for everyone

Organizing your conference call is simple.

You'll provide each caller with the date and time of your call, the conference call dial-in number and conference code. When callers dial into the conference call service, they will be asked to enter the conference code and then brought into your call.

Free Conference Calling is a reservationless conference call service that requires no advanced scheduling with us. Host conference calls with up to 1,000 callers anytime.

Reliable conference call services

Our free conference call service is run on carrier-grade telecom equipment and digital fiber optic telephone lines from the same network you use every day.

We work hard to ensure no-hassle conference call connections, reliability and exceptional audio quality for every conference call handled. This is a convenient, cost-effective alternative to costly travel or expensive pay-based conferencing services.

Use web conferencing? Our conference service can be used along with all the popular web conferencing services out there!

Increase conference call security

We understand security is a concern for every business which is why we designed specific features to help you maintain a secure conference call environment including:

  • Host security code (for host only)
  • Conference lock-out
  • Real-time call management and review
  • Optional participant count
  • Optional name announcement