Online Conference Event Management

View and control your free conference call in real-time using the online conference management console. Every host feature is accessible from the console along with a few key additions that make Question and Answer Sessions a breeze.

Manage Large Conference Calls Online

Conference Call Management Tour

Many large conference calls are really audio presentations or lectures. The host wants a few other speakers on
the call but keep everyone else in "listen only." You have guest speaker codes available with this conference call
service and the "mute all attendees" function (1*) for the other participants. But what if you want to host a Q&A
Session at the end? You'd use our online conference management.

Q&A sessions are simple with the online conference management console. You can view callers with questions and
unmute them with the click of your mouse. Our system will let the caller know they have been unmuted and you'll
know from the console change in real-time.

What participant details are displayed?

  • Dialed From: Displays each participant by their telephone number
  • Participant Status: Identifies your host, guest speakers and participants
  • Speaking Rights: Graphic icons will identify callers that can speak or are muted
  • Raised Hand: View as participants raise a hand for questions
  • Name: Add names to caller's phone number for reference
  • Join and Leave Time: See when participants come and go on your call

How do muted callers let me know they have a question ?

Muted callers can press (5*) on their phone to raise their hand in the online conference management console. You can then unmute the caller, allow them to ask their question then mute them again.

How do I mute all my general participants ?

The host can mute the entire conference call by clicking on the Mute All link in the online conference management or select (1*) for the telephone.

How do I unmute only one participant on my conference call ?

The host can click on the icon for unmute next to any participant using the online conference management console. The newly unmuted participant will be notified by the service with an audio prompt: "Your line is now unmuted."

Can someone lower their hand too ?

If the question has already been asked and answered, a participant can lower their hand by pressing (5*) on their phone a second time. The host can also lower the hand by double clicking on it.