Telephone Conference Features

Host Phone Controls

  • 1star Mute / Unmute Entire Conference Call

    Known as "Lecture Mode", this mutes all conference guests (excluding the host and guest speakers) helping to cut out any background noise from callers that do not need to speak.

  • 2star Lock / Unlock Conference Call

    Restrict access to your conference call at anytime. Use Attendee Head Count to identify the number of participants on your call and lock it for added security when you know everyone has joined.

  • 3star Call Continuation Off/On

    If you need to leave early but the conference call has to continue, this feature is already enabled and allows the conference call to remain open until the last caller hangs up. If you're hosting from a cell phone, this will help in case you drop off from "spotty cell reception." You can toggle the feature off using 3* if you wish but, if not enabled, when the host hangs up or is disconnected, the conference call is ended and all callers are disconnected. NOTE: You can also use the End Conference feature with 78*.

  • 4star Attendee Self-Mute

    Attendees can self-mute their conference line anytime. They can regain talking rights by repeating. Attendees can NOT unmute their line when the host has muted the entire conference with 1*.

  • 5star Free Conference Recording On-Off

    Record your conference calls at no cost and toggle your recording off before the end of the call, by pushing 5* a second time. Otherwise, the recording will end when the conference call ends.

  • 6star Name Announcement

    Request conference call participants speak their name before entering your call. Once recorded, they are joined into the conference. Roll Call will play all the names to you, the host.

  • 7star Exit Tone On-Off

    Turn on or off an exit tone whenever callers leave your conference call.

  • 8star Conference Attendee Count

    Identify exactly how many callers are on your conference at a particular time with the results broadcast to the host only.

  • 9star New Entry Notification Off-On

    By default, the conference call service will signal new attendees through an audio tone. The host can disable this tone with 9*. If you're hosting a large call, leave the new entry tone on for the first few folks then disable it to avoid any distraction during your call.

  • 78star End Entire Conference

    This feature allows you to disconnect all callers and end the conference call even with Call Continuation enabled. You can also use the "End Conference" button from the Conference Manager.

  • 88star Guest Speaker Code

    Every conference code has a replaceable Guest Speaker code to ensure a specific caller is never muted. They will dial-in, enter the 6-digit conference code then dial 88*and the 5-digit Guest Speaker Code.

Attendee Phone Controls

  • 4star Self-Mute Line
  • 5star Raise Hand for Q&A