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"I am really impressed with the service. I highly recommend it to anyone needing this type of functionality for their business. Thank you."


Grant Parkman, First Link Inc

"I was searching for a conference calling solution to provide private one-on-one coaching, group coaching and Teleseminars to my customers. I tried a few other services that did not meet my needs both free and paid. Then I started using Free Conference Calling and was blown away by the features; the call quality, ability to record calls, 1,000 caller capacity, Q&A mode and so much more. After using this high-performing service for a few weeks I contacted customer service to ask, "Are you sure this service is FREE?" WOW! I now have this AWESOME no cost resource to recommend to small business owners hungry for a conference call solution that won't break their budget."


Tonya R. Taylor, Your Savvy Online Business Builder

"You guys ROCK! I was beyond pleased with how easy this was to set-up, and how user friendly your site and instructions are. I am an event planner who sets up conference calls weekly, and this is going to come in very handy (and make me look like a genius with the call recording feature). I will be letting others know about this service for sure! Stay Golden!"


David R. Norell, Wilder Foundatio

"For more than 12 years, I've been using teleseminar services. Like the industry, I've graduated from paying for hourly services, owned a bridge line, and used a variety of free services. I am amazed at the number of features your free service provides and then, you tell us you've added more. I especially like the easy to use online control panel that allows me to keep track of who is on the call, if the recording is really recording, muting calls when guests have noise in the background, and yes, removing someone rude or rowdy from the call - all from one place."


Maria Marsala

"I just did a test call for my first call and it was amazing. First "real call" is coming up and I am not worried about it because the conference calling is so simple. I really love how user friendly and logical the web management function is. Thank you, thank you, thank you."


Karen Kral

"For more than 10 years I've been using conference calling to teach empowerment courses to women around the world and over this time I've used many services. Last night I tried out for a think tank discussion with members of my FEMSocial network. I decided to try out your service because of the ability to have participants raise their hands to contribute to the discussion. It worked great – it was like we were face-to-face having a great conversation. I was then pleasantly surprised to learn that I could embed the call directly through; so much easier than having to download it, upload it to another service and then go back and embed the discussion on my website. Thanks for a great service!"


Christine Agro

"I needed the service in a pinch and it was easy, convenient and professional. I am a small, new private company and I appreciated your offering. Thanks, I will definitely recommend your company."


Ken Littler

"I had a conference call with your I had four clients on the phone which one was from Europe. The quality of the call was superior, the ease of connecting was very simple for my clients, there was absolutely no static or any interruptions. I highly recommend your service as all of my associates are signed up and very happy that they now have the ability to connect 24/7 with Free Conference Calling to enhance our business."


Patricia A. Burke, Patricia Burke & Associates, Inc.

"After reading about Free Conference Calling I was skeptical. I mean, free conference calls with potentially hours of audio (mp3) stored in an easy to use control panel for no cost? No way! Well, my staff and I decided to try After reading the online FAQs I felt expert in how the program works in under five minutes. Ten minutes later I started our weekly staff call "to test the system." Thirty minutes later, once the call was completed, I sent the easy to access link for the archived voice recording off to our remaining staff who couldn’t make the call. is truly a joy to use and experience. Kudos!"


Jim Walker, CEO/President, TVC.Net

"Thank you for your great service. I use your conference calling service for a monthly global prayer project in which over 73 people from all over the world, including New Zealand, Europe and North America call our one number each month and we all pray for world peace together over the phone. Since I coordinate this as a volunteer, and their only cost is their long distance phone or Skype charges. Your on-line chat tech support people were very helpful and supportive. Thanks for providing such a great service that enables volunteers like myself to involve others in bringing peace to this world!"



"I used to have an account with a previous free conference call provider for several years while I was on the Vonage network with no problem. Recently I switched my phone service to Voipo, and then suddenly there was a problem, and I couldn't connect to a conference call using their service. When I signed up with you, (I instantly) was able to connect easily! You should state on your website that your service is "Voipo compatible' and it may be helpful to increase your client list, and solve an important problem for those like me. Thanks."


Barry Durham, Critical Mass Capital

"Most of the challenges I had with this service was nervousness. The directions are quite clear and helpful. I like that I can access and use this service with or without my computer. My client was very happy with the recording. I'm much more comfortable with using this after one time so I'll be using it again soon. Thanks bunches!"


Yolanda Comiskey

"Free Conference Calling proved to be the perfect communications tool for our organization. With officials in multiple locations over 500 miles apart, we were able to organize an emergency conference with a dozen participants in less than 10 minutes. Setup is simple and user friendly. We will definitely utilize for our future teleconference needs."


J. Haley

" has been a welcome new tool for Guitar International Magazine for business conference calls and celebrity interviews. It's easy to use, recordings are loud and clear, their Help Desk support is excellent, and transferring audio files is a snap. Five Stars!"


Rick Landers, Publisher, Guitar International Magazine

"I absolutely love this service. I am a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success Organization for college students and we have an average of 200,000 members. I had forwarded your services to this organization as well as to my Professors at DeVry University. With our busy schedules this service is amazing for anyone to use especially students. I absolutely love you guys and the tutorials are great."


Diana S.

"Free Conference Calling really impressed me. I just googled free conference calling and got to your website and set up my account in 2 minutes and I got a conference phone number and a conference and host code and it was all set and ready to use. I am doing a family conference every day and it's working out really great! I would definitely recommend Free Conference Calling to a friend!"



"I just used your service for the first time and was delighted with it. It was clear, easy to use and everything ran smoothly. I'll highly recommend Free Conference Calling to people in the future."


Shira from Green Light Co.

"Kudos to you guys! I want to share that as a newbie here, I really like the look and feel of your website, plus the user experience has been superb. The instructional videos and FAQ's are excellent and the sound quality of your recordings is better than your competitors...I am happy to say that Free Conference Calling will be my partner in success. Good work."


Dan Kennedy, VocalAdvantage™ Productions

"I am sold on Free Conference Calling for its use in both my 1:1 coaching sessions, as well as my group teleseminars. The conference calls are clear, the dashboard is intuitive, and the recordings are excellent! Privacy and confidentiality are of key importance in my business, and Free Conference Calling excels in providing those solutions."


Malcolm Dayton, FULLIVING™ Coaching

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