Why Free Conferencing

Is this conference call service really free?

Yes, conference calls are provided at no cost. Free Conference Calling does not charge for its conference call service, it's free to use for conference calling anytime. All participants in the conference call dial a toll number, not a toll-free 1-800 number. Any costs incurred are based solely on the caller's long-distance plan with their provider.

Can I use this for more than one conference call?

Yes. You can use our service for conference calls as often as you like. The conference codes you receive upon sign up are yours to be used anytime a conference call is needed.

How many people can I have on a conference call?

You can have up to 1,000 callers in a single conference call with up to 25 callers able to speak at any given time. Free Conference Calling does not require any advanced notice or scheduling directly with us. We work extremely hard to ensure that our system capacities are never exceeded, providing you with the highest level of reliability.

Can I record my conference calls?

Yes. You can record your conference call by selecting 5* from the telephone during the conference call. The conference call recording (MP3) is posted in the "Recordings" section of your account once you login. Listen, download, podcast and make public for others easily.

What is the Conference Call Web Manager?

You can view and control your conference call from a web-browser and control all available conference call participants and features including Question and Answer mode.

How long can my conference call last?

Conference calls are limited to 6 hours per single call. If the host must extend this timeline, they can do so by entering their 4 digit host code when prompted at the 6 hour mark.

Are you going to sell my contact information?

No. Your information will not be sold or rented to any third-party. Free Conference Calling will occasionally send important conference service updates.

Can callers outside the United States join my conference call?

Yes. Any caller able to access a US telephone number directly is able to join and participate in your conference call.

Is this a VoIP service like Skype™ or Vonage™?

No, this is not an Internet phone service. Free Conference Calling uses the same phone network most people use every day with crystal-clear quality. However, our conference call services allow access from VoIP services, including, but not limited to, Skype or Vonage.

What about security?

A four-digit host code is provided to the account holder for a much higher level of security than other conference services which only distinguish between host and participant by a * or # sign. You can also view your call online, disconnect callers and lock your conference as needed. Access to your online account is protected by username and password.

Can you provide me a local dial-in number?

Our dial-in numbers are determined by the location of our telecom services rather than caller location. As a result, we are not able to accommodate special conference call dial-in number requests.

Will I be charged long distance?

Every participant will dial a toll number (not toll-free/1-800). Depending on your long-distance plan or phone service, you may be charged long distance fees by your telephone provider for the call. Note: You are not charged anything by Free Conference Calling ever in conjunction with use of this conference call service.

How do I get started and host my first free conference call?

Signup now and receive your conference call information instantly. Just provide your participants the conference (dial-in) number and conference code to access your free conference call and specify the date and time of your call with time zone.

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