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Hosting conference calls is simple. If you have questions about running your calls, view frequently asked questions here. If we don’t have the answer listed, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help!

Some common questions our customers ask

How do muted callers let me know they have a question?

Muted callers can press (5*) on their phone to raise their hand in the online conference management console. You can then unmute the caller, allow them to ask their question then mute them again.

How do I mute all my general participants ?

The host can mute the entire conference call by clicking on the Mute All link in the online conference management or select (1*) for the telephone.

How do I unmute only one participant on my conference call ?

The host can click on the icon for unmute next to any participant using the online conference management console. The newly unmuted participant will be notified by the service with an audio prompt: "Your line is now unmuted."

Can someone lower their hand too ?

If the question has already been asked and answered, a participant can lower their hand by pressing (5*) on their phone a second time. The host can also lower the hand by double clicking on it.

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