Conference Recording Tutorial

Free Conference Calling is simple to get up and running. And adding others to your account is no different. Let’s learn how... The My Account section covered in this video is for users with “Account Administrator” level access.

As an administrator, you can add users and conference codes any time. From the dashboard, go to “My Account”, which presents you with a current list of conference codes and assigned users...

We’ll cover the most common case here which is adding a new user and giving them a unique conference call number to use as needed. Adding to your account will start here. Your new code will appear at the top of the list. Click on Assign User then select Yes here. Complete this form with the user’s information. If this person is not managing the account, you’ll set their role to “User”, and click “Submit” and an email with user credentials, conference numbers and instructions is sent to them instantly.

Now you can have multiple conference calls running at a given time and avoid any potential scheduling conflicts between users.

Until next time - thanks for watching!

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