Recording Conference Calls

Is the recording service free to use too?

Yes. Recording services are free to use as part of your service with Free Conference Calling.

Are my conference calls recorded automatically?

No, conference call recording is not on by default for each call. Recording must be enabled by the host at the time of the call by selecting 5* from the telephone keypad or by selecting "Record Call" from the Conference Web Manager.

How many recordings can I have in my account at once?

There are no current limits on the number of recordings a user can have within their Free Conference Calling account.

What format is my recording stored in?

The recording files are created and posted to your account in MP3 format for easy download and management.

Where is my new recording?

Did you enable recording from the phone with 5* or from the online call management? If no, there is no recording to post. If yes, your recording will appear in the recordings section once it has converted to MP3. This will take approximately 60 minutes to post into your account.

Can I let others to listen to my recording?

Yes. You can make recordings "Public" and send them to our website to listen or you can download the file and post it or send it on. To make conference recordings available to others, change the status from Private to Public. You can send your listeners to our homepage and ask them to click on the "Listen to Recordings" button.

Can I download my recording?

Yes. Simply click on Download link in the row of your desired recording.

How do I podcast my recording?

Click on the RSS icon and it will open another window with further instructions.

How long will the recorded calls be available online?

Your recording will remain available for a minimum of the 6 months from its created date. NOTE: Your MP3 will appear in the recordings page once they have been converted. This will take a minimum of 60 minutes to post into your account.

How do I know my conference is being recorded?

When you enable conference recording by pressing 5* from the host phone keypad or by selecting "Record Call" from the online web manager a voice prompt will announce "conference recording started" into your conference.

How many recordings can I have available for dial-in access?

While you can have an unlimited number of recordings, currently, you can have 1 recording per conference code available for dial-in access.

Where do I get my dial-in recording access information?

Once you login, go to Recordings. Select which recording you want to make available and the dial in number and access code will appear in the Dial-in Access section.

How do I select another recording for dial-in access?

Due to the 1 recording limit, you must remove the current recording available for dial-in access before being able to select another recording.

What information should I give to my callers?

Provide your callers with the dial-in recording number and 8 digit access code.

How long will the recording be available for dial-in access?

Dial-in access for the recording will be available until you remove the access.

How many callers can access the recording at the same time?

There is currently no limit in place.

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