Managing Conference Calls Online

What is the Conference Call Web Manager?

You can view and control your conference call from a web-browser and control all available conference call participants and features including Question and Answer mode.

How do I access the Online Call Management?

Simply start your call then login and click on Manage Calls.

How do I mute all general attendees (except the Host and Guest Speakers)?

You can mute the entire conference call by clicking on MUTE ALL.

How do I unmute one other participant from the conference?

You can click on the speaker icon that shows the line is muted and it will unmute that specific caller.

How can participants raise their hand during my call?

Participants can select 5* from the telephone to RAISE THEIR HAND. Then you will see a question mark appear next to the participant's number.

How do I lower a raised hand during the conference call?

To remove a question mark during your conference call, simply double click on the individual question mark icon. The question mark will disappear.

Can I label or name one of my conference callers?

Yes. Click on the Edit Name field and you can assign a label to the dial in number of that participant.

How do I change the Time Zone?

To change the default time zone of your account, login and click My Account then Account Settings and Edit Information. From here you can adjust the time zone and save. (By default, the Time Zone is set to Pacific Standard Time.)

How do I manage a question and answer session?

Our online call management allows the host to mute the conference and have participants "raise their hand" with a 5* from the telephone keypad. A question mark will display next to the caller and enable the host to uncheck the mute box allowing them to speak.

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