Hosting Your Conference Calls

Do I have to pre-arrange my call with you?

No. Your account is always on and ready to use. There is never a need to schedule or pre-arrange a time with Free Conference Calling. Your scheduling is done with your participants directly to let them know when and how to join.

How do I set up a conference call with participants then?

Simply provide your participants with the date and time (include time zone) that you plan to host your conference call and instructions to use the conference dial-in number and 6 digit conference code when prompted for it. That's it! You just need to be sure to call in at the same time, enter the 6 digit conference code and 4 digit host code too.

Can I have a second host/speaker on the call?

Usually a host wants to have more than one "speaker" on the call after they mute the main conference call participants and this can be done with the guest speaker code. Provide your guest speakers with the dial-in, conference code and guest speaker code which they will enter once the host has joined into the conference call.

For your own security and success, only one conference host is permitted in each call.

Can participants call in before the host and wait?

Yes. Participants can call up to 10 minutes before the host enters the conference call. Early participants are placed in a waiting room with on-hold music until the host joins the call. If the wait time is exceeded, they will be prompted to confirm the conference time with the host and call back.

How can I have a question and answer session?

Our conference call web manager enables the host to mute the entire conference, participants can " raise their hand" by selecting 5* from their phone and the host can individually unmute and mute callers. Note: Raised hands can be lowered by the host online or by participants selecting 5* a second time.

What features do participants have during a conference call?

Participants have options from the phone keypad for Self-Mute with 4 then * to mute or unmute themselves, and Raise Hand with 5 then * to raise or lower their hands visible to the host from the online call management.

NOTE: A participant cannot unmute their line if host has MUTE ALL enabled.

How do I know who's on my conference call?

We make best efforts to report the dial-from telephone number of each caller. If you enable Name Announce on your call, you'll get a recorded name for each caller next to their telephone number. You can add their name live from the conference manager or later in the call detail reports. You can also import, or add manually, other contacts into your new Contacts Address Book.

What is the Contact Address Book?

Many users would like to add the names of callers so they have a reference point in reports and on a live call, in the conference manager. You can add the name and telephone number of contacts one-by-one or upload a .csv file so the names are matched to the dial-from telephone number of callers.

Where do I find my Contacts Address Book?

Just login, go to My Account and select Contacts.

Does the Contacts Address Book allow email addresses or sending email?

No. We do not include any contact emailing features at this time.

Where can I find the guest speaker code for my account?

You can log into your account and select "My Account" at the top of the page. This will bring you to your conference codes page which includes the guest speaker code.

What is the guest speaker feature used for?

The guest speaker feature is used to have multiple speakers on a call while the remaining conference call group is muted. Example - You are running a lecture style conference call with attendees muted in listen-only mode, but you have the host and other designated speakers talking on the call.

How do my speakers join using the guest speaker code?

To use the guest speaker feature, have your speakers dial into the conference call, enter the 6 digit conference code, and once they are joined into the conference they would press 88* and our system will then ask them to enter in the 5 digit guest speaker code. Note - The speaker can still press 88* followed by guest speaker code if they are on hold listening to music waiting for the host.

How many guest speakers can I have on my call?

You can have up to 24 guest speakers on your call. Along with the host, that makes a total 25 callers that can speak on a conference call at a single time.

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