Conference Manager Tutorial

This is a 5 minute video introduction to Free Conference Calling's Conference Manager, the web controls to view and manage your conference calls online, live from a web browser. To access your Conference Manager, you must first login to your Free Conference Calling account. To access your Conference Manager, select Manage Calls in the main menu.

Your Conference Manager gives you an overview of your conference call and one-click access to management features for real-time control. You can review conference highlights including your total attendees, the join and leave times for attendees on your call and how many callers have to right to speak at a particular time.

The conference controls box in the top left corner lets you turn on, or off, all the broad management features. It's where you can mute and unmute your conference attendees, enable call recording and the like. Take a little time to get accustomed to the web manager now with this 5 minute video tour.

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