Conference Recording Tutorial

This is a 5 minute tutorial introducing you to Free Conference Calling’s MP3 conference call recording service and features. The conference host can enable call recording any time during a conference call by selecting 5* from their dial-pad or by clicking "Record Call" from the Conference Manager online.

To access your recordings, you must first login to your Free Conference Calling account. To access your conference recordings, select Recordings in the main menu. The recordings page contains all the audio files within your Free Conference Calling account. It is important to note; a new recording may take up to 60 minutes to post to your account.

You can listen to recordings right from your computer using our custom audio player. To start a recording simply click the play button and to pause the recording, click the same button again. If you need to adjust the broadcast volume, you can use the volume slider bar to lower and raise the volume as needed. And if you would like to search through your recording, you can fast forward and rewind through the file using the seek slider bar.

To add a special Title and Description to each of your recordings, simply click on the default text with your mouse. This will bring up an input field where you can enter your own text and the recording will be updated with your new inputs.

Take a few minutes to watch our video tour on conference recording and you'll be up to speed quickly.

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